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Natalia Domagala

writer • speaker • researcher • strategist

I help create a future where technology benefits society and is used in a transparent, participatory, accountable, and ethical way.

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I'm a global digital policy specialist who develops strategies for ethical innovation. I was recognised by Mozilla as one of the 25 visionaries who are making the Internet and the world a better place.  

As the Head of Data and AI Ethics Policy at the UK government, I led the development of one of the first national standards for algorithmic transparency in the world and launched the first national-level public sector Data Ethicist role in the UK.


In 2022, I received the Excellence in AI Award in the Ethical AI Category and was chosen as one of the Top 10 most prominent female AI experts by the Perspektywy Foundation.

I have research experience in anthropology, gender, civic tech, and economic development.

Work with me 

I help those working at the intersection of policy and technology make sense of the challenges and opportunities related to AI.  

I can help you communicate complex topics to non-technical audiences from diverse backgrounds and levels of seniority. 

I can help you conduct research, gather and analyse evidence, and provide recomendations to inform your policies and strategies.


I provide expert advice and hands-on assistance to leaders and teams at the intersection of policy and technology.

I specialise in data and AI ethics and transparency. I can help you develop digital policies, shape data and AI strategies, build digital ethics capacity within your organisation, design tools and processes for the implementation of digital ethics, and raise awareness of the societal impact of technology. 

I have previously advised on data and AI ethics and the use of AI in the public sector in the UK, as well as the Digital Nations, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, and other public and private sector partners globally. See some of the projects I worked on here

Speaking and Facilitating

I’m an experienced speaker who can design and moderate discussions, keynotes, guest lectures, and panels focused on digital ethics and the societal impacts of technology. I’m also an effective facilitator who can help you plan and run workshops, multidisciplinary conversations, and interactive sessions. 

I have a track record of conference presentations on transparency and ethics delivered internationally, including in the UK, USA, Canada, Colombia, France, Poland, South Korea, and Mexico. I chaired panels at the New York Open Data Week, the Open Government Partnership Summit, and A Better Tech Convention, amongst others (see here).

I have given guest lectures and presentations for universities, intergovernmental organisations, and private companies, including the New York University GovLab, Cambridge University, the London School of Economics, the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, Sciences Po Paris, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, and the United Nations Secretary General’s Data Strategy Office.

Research and Writing

I am an experienced researcher with a background in anthropology and economic development. Alongside qualitative, ethnographic, online, and deliberative methods, I can help you design and deliver surveys, mixed methods studies, economic analyses, and experimental research projects. 

Enabling meaningful dialogues between decision-makers and those affected by the decisions has been at the core of my work. Through deliberative engagement, I can help you understand the needs, desires, and attitudes of the public and then design the most effective responses. My writing skills mean I can support you in conveying the findings in reports, policy papers, essays, and media articles. See my writing portfolio here.  

While at the UK government, I deployed public engagement processes to gather evidence on the need for greater transparency of algorithms, and the effectiveness of data ethics tools. My research on data ethics skills and AI transparency produced robust advice that informed decisions on data and AI policies in the UK public sector.

Get in touch​ for collaboration and speaking enquiries.

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