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Data and technology

London Data Week DataThinks: How to build a more participatory data future for London. The London Office of Technology and Innovation, 2023

Data Ethics in Practice: Challenges and Opportunities for a Data Ethics Policy Function in the Public Sector. Journal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics, 18(2), 2021

Data Ethics Skills: Professionalising Data Ethics in the Public Sector. Data for Policy 2021

Open Algorithms: Lessons Learned from the Open Data Movement. Data for Policy 2021

Good Practice Principles for Data Ethics in the Public Sector. OECD, 2021

Engaging with the public about algorithmic transparency in the public sector. Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation.

What is our new Algorithmic Transparency Standard? Data in Government, 2021

What skills do you need for working in data ethics? Data in Government, 2021

What technology and open data can do for women in Kosovo: a critical assessment of the potential of ICT skills programmes and open data to empower women in the ICT sector in Kosovo (book chapter) in Situating Open Data: Global Trends in Local Contexts, 2020

Three lessons 2020 taught us about technology, Apolitical, 2020

When Technology Becomes Political, Ethics Becomes Imperative, technovirtuism, 2020

Where next for open government?, Apolitical, 2019

Gender Data Gap,, 2019

How to make Feminist Open Government tangible - reflections on the UK’s first FOGO workshop,, 2019

Transparency in the world’s oil, gas, and mining industries - the UK's contribution,, 2019

Opening up the UK's £284bn of public contracts,, 2019

Open Policy workshop,, 2019

Data visualisation: truth or interpretation?, 360Giving, 2018

Anthropology, post-socialism, aesthetics

Space Is Never Empty. On Memory and Architecture, Przekrój, 2020

You Weren’t Standing Here, Sir!, Przekrój, 2020

Udarny Trud - an essay accompanying the solo photography show of Paulina Korobkiewicz at Centrala Space, 2020. Also published in the Kajet Journal, 2022.

American dreams. How colourful kitsch overtook eastern Poland post-1989 (the edited version of the original guest essay for Paulina Korobkiewicz's book Disco Polo re-published in the Calvert Journal), 2016

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