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Presentations and panels

Responsible Tech Summit 2022: Algorithmic Transparency in Digital Spaces

Data Bites #25: Getting things done with data in government

Algorithmic Transparency in the Public Sector - AI Ethics: Global Perspectives Course

Workshop: Academic-Policy Collaborations on Human-Centric Algorithmic Governance

NYC Open Data Week 2021: From Open Data to Open Algorithms

Open Data Institute Summit 2020: Algorithmic Transparency

Data for Policy 2021: Open Algorithms: Lessons Learned from the Open Data Movement

OECD Webinar: Data Ethics in the Public Sector

Data For Policy 2021: The OECD Good Practice Principles for Data Ethics in the Public Sector: Challenges to Effective Implementation

UK Internet Governance Forum 2020: Examining algorithmic transparency and how to achieve it

Summer of Open Data Panel #8: Subnational Data, Data Ethics, and Public-Private Collaboration

All Tech Is Human NYC 2019: Tech and Policy

NYC School of Data 2020: The future of open government portals and programmes

TICTeC Paris 2019: What civic tech and open data can do for women in Kosovo

Open Government Partnership Global Summit 2019 Ottawa, Canada:

How Is Gender Mainstreaming in Open Government Policies Possible? 

Is Participation the Future of Governance? Leveraging OGP Commitments as a Tool for Participatory Policy Making


Open Data Research Symposium 2018, Buenos Aires: What technology and open data can do for women in Kosovo

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 15.20.08_edite

Open Government Week 2019: Gender Data Gap


Other events:


  • Data for Policy, 2020: Data ethics in practice: challenges and opportunities for data ethics in the public sector

  • FWD50 Canda, 2020: Emerging tech lightning talks & Global Innovation: A DN Talent Show

  • AI Fest, Dstl, 2020: Refreshing the UK Data Ethics Framework

  • OECD E-leaders Summit: Refreshing the UK Data Ethics Framework

  • OECD Network on Open and Innovative Government in Latin America and the Caribbean meeting, Cali, 2019: Open Government Playbook

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